Superior_Forcez's Admin Application

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Superior_Forcez's Admin Application

Post by Superior_Forcez on Wed Apr 29, 2015 7:07 pm

- IGN/Steam Name: Superior_Forcez
- Age: 14 and a half

- Steam Profile:
- Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:84394917

- Do you own a mic?: Yes I do own a mic and use it frequently
- Why should we make you a admin?: I believe that I should be made admin because during the time I have been moderator I have always been willing to resolve situations. I know how to use every ulx command, so I help run the server effectively. I am good at communicating with people and have a passion for the server. I would like to help the server grow and I believe I can also do this by becoming an admin. I will be a dedicated staff member and never abuse my powers.
- Time on Garry's Mod: 305 hours
- Time on Jailbreak Australia: Around 100 hours

- Do you have any previous staff experience?: Yes, I have owned to darkrp servers on gmod and been superadmin on another jailbreak server.

- Are you familiar with the ULX Admin Commands: Yes I am very familiar with the ULX admin commands and can use them all appropriately.
- Have you been given warnings of abuse(N/A if none): N/A, I never been warned of abuse.

-What would you do in the following situations:

Someone is threatening to crash or DDOS the server: I would ban the person permanently and then discuss the matter with the owner.

Someone is accusing another player of RDMing, but with no proof: I would firstly check the logs (if I have access) to see if the case actually occurred and then gag both players. I would then ask other people on the server if they were witnesses to the RDMing to gain evidence. I would then talk to each player individually to get their side of the story. After that, I would be able to recognise who is in the wrong as I tend to also be good at knowing who is lying if someone is. I would then issue appropriate warnings or a kick if there is further arguments about the final decision.

Someone has, or is currently, Mass RDMing: I would grant god mode upon myself and freeze the offender. I would then jail the person who is mass RDMing. I would ask other people on the server for proof if I didn't witness the event myself and ask for different sides of the story. I would then issue a 3 hour ban to the offender or more depending on how many people were killed.

- You want to do a special day (1000hp warday etc.) How many do you think you should do per map maximum: I would suggest doing the special war day a maximum of 2 times per map.

- What do you think the responsibility's of a administrator are? The responsibility of an admin is to look after a server and make sure everything is running smoothly. They should make sure no-one is breaking the rules and everyone is playing the game mode properly. They should communicate with people who ask questions and resolve problems. They should not abuse their powers.

- What do you do if a moderator/trial moderator is abusing? I would firstly warn them and ask them to stop abusing their powers. If they continued, I would speak to an owner about it with evidence and let the owner decide whether the staff member should be demoted.


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Re: Superior_Forcez's Admin Application

Post by OwlCast on Wed Apr 29, 2015 8:00 pm


Spend one more day as mod.


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