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Server Rules

Post by DrRaipier on Mon Apr 27, 2015 4:57 am

General Rules

1: Do not Mic/Chat spam.

2: Respect all players.

3: Do not impersonate staff. Example: Changing your name to a staff member's.

4: No rude or pornographic sprays.

5: Do not ask for a staff rank. You will be given it if you are worthy.

6: Staff decisions are final.

7: Do not ghost/metagame. Eg. Telling alive prisoners/guards where the other team is through team chat or OOC.

8: Voice changers and soundboards will be an immediate 1 day ban.

9: There are no special privileges for prisoners. Eg. If the prisoner is your girlfriend, you must still treat them like a prisoner and not exclude them from activities that could kill them.

10: On JB New Summer, the red carpet is KOS no matter what and the escape window is only KOS if FOUR BARS and the WINDOW are broken.

11: If a staff member is AFK after a rule is broken, please give 1 minute for them to return, Then you may report them using forums.

12: Orders must be given before 7:25, if not, it is a Freeday.

13: If you have a freeday, you must obey orders until the cell doors open, then you may ignore all warden orders.

14: Death requests must be followed as the person has said. Otherwise you will be warned for rdm.

15: Once the cell doors are open, they must STAY open. This applies to both prisoners and guards.

16: Knives are not KOS unless the prisoner holding it attacks a guard.

17: When mics for prisoners is called, staff may use their mic to explain and teach the servers rules. They may also use mics to talk about the server in general.

18: There is NO Last Requests on Wardays or Freedays, however you may get a Death Request.

19: If the cell doors are opened by any means before the Warden can give orders, it is a Freeday.

20: Door blocking/glitching is not allowed.

21: If the Warden issues a time-based movement order, all in-cell days (eg. Lava day, Extermination day) are exempt.

Prisoner Rules

1: You will be gagged if talking over warden.

2: If you are seen with a weapon you are allowed 3 seconds to drop it, unless you have rebelled.

3: Prisoners may KOS camp.

4: Prisoners may only camp the Heli for 30 seconds total.

Guard Rules

1: Only the Warden may give complex orders, guards are only allowed to order prisoners to move or drop weapons.

2: "Last Guard Kills All" Is only valid if there are 1 or more guards INCLUDING the warden.

3: AFK's may be killed if they violate a day's orders, or after 7 mins left in the round.

4: The Warden is ALWAYS the designated shooter, unless you are ordered otherwise.

5: Do not KOS camp unless you are the last guard or it is a Warday.

6: If the Warden does not have a mic it is a Freeday. However if a staff member is online, they may allocate extra time and change the warden.

7: Gunplanting will result in you being pushed straight to prisoner. In other words, don't do it.

8: If you see a prisoner carrying a weapon you must allow 5 seconds to drop it, but you must order them to do so. If the prisoner shoots you first, this rule is void.

9: On JB New Summer, the guards may camp in the armory if the prisoners are on the stairs or on the steel flooring.

10: Do NOT use a shotgun in a crowd of non-rebelling prisoners, no matter what. A Deagle is suggested as it is a single shot, precise weapon.

11: Guards may only camp the Heli for 50 seconds max.

12: Do NOT open the cell doors without the Warden's consent.

13: Super extermination day is not allowed, Guards may enter cells on any day except Extermination day.

14: If there is a prisoner who is failing to obey orders but quickly obeys, you may not kill them. Eg. If a prisoner is seen on the floor on a lava day but makes it onto their bed/toilet before you can kill them, you can no longer kill them.

15: As a guard, you must listen to the Wardens orders as closely as the prisoners.

16: Shooting a prisoner without reason (RDM) will not be tolerated.

17: If a prisoner is seen punching a vent, it is not KOS, however if they enter they are KOS.

18: If a prisoner is on a Freeday and you follow them, they are allowed to send you back by saying: "I did not request an escort." Once this is said, you MUST return to the warden.

19: The Last prisoner alive who obeyed the Warden is exempt from all days, thus they are only KOSed if they enter a KOS area.

Warden Rules

1: When doing a day that requires prisoners to come up with an answer (Eg. Joke day or Salty Spittoon.) the Warden MUST allow 30 seconds for the prisoners to come up with an answer.

2: As a Warden you must have a mic, if you do not have a mic, do not opt in.

3: If you have a microphone, do not make it a Freeday/Warday consistently, you are only allowed to issue 2 Freedays/Wardays in a row.

4: You do not need to say "Officially" to make the day over.

5: If you are the Warden, you do not apply the "Last Guard Kills All" Rule, if you are the last guard on the guard team alive, you may not kill prisoners unless they have rebelled.

6: When issuing a movement order to prisoners, you MUST place down a Warden Waypoint, no exceptions.

7: A Warden may label his/her guards actions KOS, if the guard violates this order they may be stripped and slain by a staff member.

8: If the warden dictates a time for the prisoners to complete an action, they may not say "Not detours or delays".

9: When dictating a time for prisoners to be at your waypoint by, you must give at least 10 seconds for the prisoners to arrive.

10: Extermination Day on the map Parabellum is not allowed as prisoners have nowhere to hide in the cells.


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